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John Jay Futbol Club

Spring Academy Registration is open. Select the Registration Button to join...First Game is on 4/14 and our First Training Session is on 4/16...
  • Open to all Boys & Girls from 2yrs to 8th Grade
  • Professionally Certified & Experienced Coaching Staff
  • NEW Saturday Schedules 
  • Flexible After-School Training Options at each Elem. School
  • Convenient Locations
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fun, Instructive Environment!
  • Camps, Clinics, Jamborees & More...​

Arsene Wenger
Arsenal FC Manager

JJFC Academy

Core Training Philosophy

The JJFC Academy will provide a renewed focus on technical skill development through "ball mastery" and "small-sided" games.  As such, our mission is to build fundamentally sound and quality players.

Our Academy program will place an emphasis on the following core curriculum: 

  • Teaching the Fundamentals of Soccer 
  • Ball Mastery
  • Small-Sided Play
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

Lil Jay's

Beginning Spring, 2015, we will be offering a 2-yr-old "Mommy/Daddy&Me" offering to our Lil Jay's program.  We all know how much energy Toddlers have, now is our time to harness it.

The curriculum that our partner, UKElite, will bring, includes a unique "games-based" approach to teaching soccer.  It will provide every child the opportunity to develop motor skills, social skills, coordination and general athletic ability in a stimulating, motivating and educational environment.

Read more about UKElite and their "U.K. Petite" program by selecting  these links:

Welcome to the JJFC Academy Soccer Program

We are excited about the many changes we are making with the JJFC Academy.  Designed to better serve you, our Lewisboro soccer community, and most importantly, your child, our Academy program will offer soccer opportunities for children from 2 yrs to 8th Grade, with as little, or as much training as you desire. 

To highlight, there are a few changes to our program:

First, we are getting younger. Due to extensive feedback, and the great experience many of you have had with our 3-yr Old program, we are now excited to offer a NEW 2 yr-old "Mommy/Daddy & Me" offering to our "Lil Jay's.   This will be available to you on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays.  

Second, We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to play as much, or as little as they like. Now, there are opportunities for ALL Academy Players to play across a range of options from "Saturday-Only Games" to "Saturday Games AND One Weekday Training Day", or for those interested in pursuing Travel, we offer a PRE-TRAVEL Program which includes our Saturday Games AND Two Mid-Week Professional Training days.   We hope that this will help many children stay involved in soccer, as they play other sports, or have family commitments that sometimes makes scheduling difficult. 

New to this season, we are assigning a UKElite Academy Director to be on hand at each practice and at our Saturday Games to provide support and to assist our volunteer coaches and families.   ​This addition supports our desire to provide quality, consistent instruction and a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone. To that end, we will invite all Parents and, specifically our Parent-Volunteers, to coaching orientation sessions each Spring and Fall.  You will meet our Academy Director and he/she will teach you all how to run an effective warm-up and provide some game management techniques so you feel comfortable as a volunteer.  

“What is good for a futball manager is when a child who grows up in Japan likes to kick a ball as much as a child who grows up in France. And to find that pleasure as you travel all over the world is something that is still, for me, magical, that, how could it be that all over the world – you can go to China, you can go to Japan or France and give a kid the ball, and he is happy? And that explains the success of our game… (you must try in your) training sessions to give that joy to the people who practice, and you know you don’t necessarily need to speak the language. You give the players the possibility to express themselves – like when they were kids, and they become happy and they play."

JJFC Code of Conduct

Please read the John Jay Futbol Club Code of Conduct and follow these simple guidelines.  Everyone's enjoyment of this wonderful game is only enhanced when we all make an effort to appropriately conduct ourselves around our program's Players, Coaches, Parents and Referees.  Thank you for your cooperation.