Please find below our guiding principles for the JJFC adult division.   

1.  The JJFC Adult division is a recreational division whose goal is to provide fun, responsible, competitive play. 
2.  Shin guards must always be worn on the field of play.  NO jewelry shall be worn IF it can be removed. Otherwise, wedding bands MUST be taped.
3.  Substitutions are UNLIMITED and ONLY executed when the ball is out of play.
4.  All players shall participate in a sportsmanlike manner and will follow the JJFC "Players Code of Conduct" that was agreed to at registration time.
5.  Yellow cards will result in a 2 minute “ Cooling Off Period” for the cautioned player.  Red cards will result in an immediate ejection from the game and a further 1-game suspension.
6.  Aggressive, dangerous play is discouraged in the JJFC Adult Division.  Slide tackling is prohibited and will be punished with a yellow card.
7.  All players are expected to show respect to the referees and to other players.  Captains are asked to make sure that his/her players accept calls from the referees without argument.  If warnings are not heeded, cards will be issued and, if necessary, players will be shown a red card and asked to leave the park area immediately.   
8.  Teams will play 45 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime break.

REVISED 9/22/15

Adult Co-Ed League 

Our Adult Co-Ed program is designed around a round-robin schedule for 4-6 teams that will play each Sunday evening at one of our Parks/Schools.  This is a friendly, albeit competitive league, for 30+ soccer players that want to stay in shape while playing the game that we have all grown up with.  In addition to the Sunday evening games, midweek "pick-up" games on Wed & Friday will also be scheduled for those that wish to attend.  

For Information on the Adult Co-Ed League, please contact: Chris Chene @

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